Group Account Console: Manage the marketplace workflow of a few Advisors or an entire Firm. The Group Manager Console is a cloud collaboration tool for professionals to unlock opportunities within their own private network, while simultaneously having the capability to administer their firm’s marketplace activity or connect with other firms. Very similar in look and feel to an Advisor Console, the Group Manager Console has important advantages. Instead of just displaying the Listings, Buyer profiles and Match Reports for a single member, it displays these same items for the entire firm, thus providing a Manager with a helicopter view of the firm’s entire workflow and Marketplace activity. If the firm has a Private Network facility, the ability to overview all the firms internal Matches is of enormous value.
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Advisor Console: A one-stop workspace for streamlining deal flow. List a company on the marketplace and multiply your chances of finding a match. Establish buyer profiles and uncover opportunities real time, with detailed match reports. Improve communications and identify latent transactions within your own firm. The Advisor Console takes the effort out of business development and offers a channel to deal flow and prospective clients. Ideal for professionals seeking to expand their network with fellow peers to create buyer and seller profiles and unlock latent transactions or assist clients seeking; to sell part or all of their company for succession purposes, to merge with or acquire another company. an injection of debt or equity for expansion, high returns from investment in growth companies, a strategic alliance or expertise to develop a board of directors.
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Investor Console: Match Reports are an immensely valuable tool for Investors. In order to gain access to Match Reports an Investor must establish a Buyer Profile on the Marketplace, via one or both of two methods. Investors may choose to allow their Advisor to manage their Buyer Profile and Match Reports on their behalf - this is only possible if their advisor or accountant is a Unlisted Marketplace Advisor. Alternatively an Investor may opt for direct access to the Investor Network via the Investor Console to create and manage their own Buyer Profiles and Match Reports. The Investor Console is a convenient means to monitor an ever-changing marketplace. Our matching engine will continuously scan the marketplace for opportunities aligned to your profile. Those that meet your criteria are presented in Match Reports, containing highly detailed Listing information not available to the general public, and of course the Advisor contact details, representing the company, should you wish to investigate further. Marketplace standards ensure minimum requirements for Listings in order to minimise your due diligence. Alternatively you may choose to track your target company’s accomplishments over time. Regardless of your choice, the system streamlines your search for quality opportunities and preserves your anonymity at all times. You control when you reveal your identity, and to whom.
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Embedded Marketplace: Imagine being able to showcase your firm’s deal flow on your corporate website, with all the same functionality as on the main board website. This is an Embedded Marketplace Board. For those firms with an established web presence and a focus for growth, it represents a competitive edge in marketing to new customers and adding value to existing ones. Don’t have a website, or need a dedicated website to take full advantage of your existing deal flow on the Marketplace? A Shopfront Site brings together marketplace modules of your choice into a custom branded website. Begin with an Embedded Board to display your deal flow. Add to that a Company Console to collect new business leads. Advisors with a Publishing Console can also then publish news and views directly to the Marketplace, and locally to your Shopfront Site. Easily deployed and customised entirely to your needs, an Unlisted Marketplace Shopfront Site takes the hassle out of developing your web presence. Idea for network groups with independent firms wanting their own marketplace board which is integrated with their Private Network or Sponsored Group.
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